Open Play Hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Saturday 10:00am- 2:00pm

Contact us to book our space for your next event or party!

Entry fee: $8.95/child (6mo-12 yrs) + Any additional sibling only $6 each

$4 after 4PM Monday-Friday!

Play time is unlimited and adults are free! 

                         NEW Monthly Membership Option: $39.95

(sign up as an annual member, charged on a monthly basis for this price) 

                                      membership includes- unlimited daily play for 2 children, any additional children on pass can be added for $10 monthly,

                 plus 10% off snack bar purchases and party rentals!

Month to Month Membership Option: $49.95

This gives you unlimited access to Storybrook with up to 2 children with no contract, just on a month to month basis. 

    Rules to keep our space safe and clean: 

-All Children must be accompanied by parent/guardian and parents/guardian must remain on the premises during open play, unless checked into drop-in Daycare program

-Socks are required for children- adults may wear their shoes

-Clean up is part of play. Please help your child clean up before you leave.

-A Waiver Of Liability must be signed before entry

-Beverage may be hot, please use caution around children

-No unaccompanied children on stairs

-No rough play or bullying

-No Climbing on the castle

-No large unscheduled groups or open-play birthday parties. Please call ahead and parties must be booked.

-No outside food or drink during open play hours

-Please keep children in your line of site always and please be kind!


       Please report any issues directly to us via email or phone. 

Storybrook Play cafe